Mould Handling

Lauds Foundry Equipment will evaluate your individual foundry requirements taking into account unique conditions, output requirements and process

flow.  We provide a complete solution from moulding, casting and cooling, reclamation to final product handling.


Our Mould Handling Equipment offers:


  • Solutions for various product sizes and weights
  • We have 8 size ranges starting from 1200mm x 1000mm, increasing in size to a maximum of
  • 7000mm x 3500mm
  • Please consult with us to determine the solution most suitable for your requirements
  • Custom units can be manufactured


Our range includes:


  • Lauds No Bake Multi-loop
  • Lauds Rotary Moulding
  • Lauds Manipulators
  • Lauds Compaction Tables
  • Lauds Roll Over Draws
  • Lauds Coring and Inspection Conveying Systems
  • Lauds Casting and Cooling Lines

Sand Reclamation

Core Making

Mould Handling

Sand Mixing

Ancillary Items