Core Making and Sand Preparation Plants

Lauds Foundry Equipment’s range of Core Machines come with an extensive range of options. We specialize from units utilized for lab testing through to high production, high volume, fully automated core blowers.


Lauds Range of Sand Delivery systems are capable of either being placed directly over the Core Blower or these Vertimixers can service a range of up to 10 Core Blowers in a line, depending on model selection.


The Sand Preparation plant is capable of operating on a fully automated system with no operator interference. The Lauds range of Cold Box Mini Mixers are generally installed above the Core Blower resulting in a much more cost effective option than the fully load cell operated Vertimix.


Our Core Machines offer:


  • Faster cycle times
  • Higher throughput
  • High quality cores
  • Ease of access for speedy maintenance and changeover of tooling


Our range includes:


Cold Box

  • Rotary Core Machines ranging from 16L to 35L
  • Lab Core Machine 1L
  • Core Belters ranging from 5L to 80L
  • Front Slide Ejection Core Machines ranging from 10L to 150L
  • Dual Table Shuttles ranging from 16L to 150L
  • Basic Jobbing Machines from 5L to 80L


Cold Box Sand Preparation

  • Lauds Vertimix Batch Mixers from 10kg to 150kg
  • Lauds Mini Mixer for Cold Box Preparation


Hot Box

  • Shell Machines
  • Upblow Machines ranging from 5L to 16L and Rollover Draw Machines ranging from 5L to 16L capacity
  • Shell Belters up to 35L


Hot Box Sand Preparation

  • Lauds Sand Coating Plants in the order of 1tph

Sand Reclamation

Core Making

Mould Handling

Sand Mixing

Ancillary Items